Criminal War

xxxAnniekk [Tim] Frankrijk
Power Power: 687,790,300
Level 66
Gangsters: 206,178 (3/75)
Cash: € 66,200,-  
Bank: € 56,500,315,-  
Familie: Omerta (Leider)
Getrouwd: Tim  
Online: Overzicht
20 jaar: Nog 160 dagen tot verjaardag


110 succesvolle gijzelingen84 auto's gestolen26 succesvolle overvallen92 succesvolle georganiseerde misdaden312 succesvolle aanvallen115 succesvolle ontvoeringenIn 570 gebouwen ingebroken308 gebouwen beschermd
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Persoonlijke tekst

In a city like mine there's no point in fighting
I close my eyes, see you and me driving
If I am a river, you are the ocean
Got the radio on, got the wheels in motion
We were silenced by the night
But you and I, we're gonna rise again
Divided from the light
I wanna love the way we used to then
I lie in the dark, I feel I'm falling
Feel your hand on my back, hear your voice calling
I'm out of my depth boy, stick close to me
Because the people in this town, they look straight through me

Respect +5,778

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+20 Till the end of time <3<3<3 Tim 20-02 20:44
+20 And I promise you that we will always be together Tim 20-02 20:44
+20 They could change our lives forever Tim 20-02 20:44
+20 These three words Tim 20-02 20:44
+20 Please say you love me too Tim 20-02 20:43
+20 I love you Tim 20-02 20:43
+20 And I'd whisper these words as you'd lie here by my side Tim 20-02 20:43
+20 'Cause by now I know that you'd feel the way that I do Tim 20-02 20:43
+20 Should've made my move when you looked in my eyes Tim 20-02 20:42
+20 I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw you Tim 20-02 20:42
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