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You could love me you could hate me
But you won't ever break me
I shall not fear a thing for my dear lord will not forsake me
Persecute me, boy you could shoot me homie
You could stone me
You could lock me up in solitary, all I know is lonely
All I know is work, all I know is hurt, all I know is pain
All I know is rainy days, all I know is chains

It's me and Mike
it doesn't matter what our name is
You can't take away our dreams and we got dreams of being famous
I done seen too many souls become a victim of the system
Either wind up flippin' burgers or their packed inside a prison
I don't want it, I don't want that for my fam
Something we cannot stand
We will scrape and crawl into our promised land
They do not know me, therefore they cannot hold me
Watch me break into the upper class and bring all of my homies
Cause you're my brothers and I love you as I do myself
I put that on my health, what is wealth without a common will

They cannot stop us because we are a movement
Whether you are my brother or some kid I went to school with
Dog I ain't no would-be, they're scared and they should be
Yes now they are afraid of the idea of what we could be
We will be, boy you could cut my tongue out, you could kill me
But you won't ever ever stop the spirit that does fill me

Cause love don't ever die, I thought you knew by now
You stop our breath, you dig a grave, and put us in the ground
I just hope that when I go, I go out with a smile
Proud as they stack me and my homies in a pile
And I will pass away as I have done before
It only took me 'til the age of 9 to learn that life's a war
And I can't even lie, you don't want it, you know why
Cause when you look me in the eye you know I ain't afraid to die

Cause there's victory in death long as you die for something great
If death is what it takes for me to win then I won't stay
And they won't ever tell you, but they hate to see you make it
And as soon as you get something for yourself they wanna take it
Well go on, you can have it, I'll look away while you grab it
Boy I don't need no stacks and I don't need no baller status
Ain't no power in the dollar, but the power's in the people
Cause our wallets ain't the same don't mean we ain't created equal
I don't need for you to clap, I don't need for you to cheer
I just hope that when I speak that there's somebody there to hear

And I don't need no castle, cause every castle crumbles
I know that I'm gon' stumble, I just hope that I die humble
I hope that I stay down to earth and grounded
Because my fortress is the human race by which I am surrounded
I hope you love me, I hope you love me
I hope to God that there's a heaven up above me
I see the beauty, the beauty in what we could be
So my dear brothers let us all be what we should be


I scrape, I crawl, I bleed for this
I fight I brawl I fiend for this I feed on this
I show no signs of weaknesses, I hate the hedonist
I love nights full of sleeplessness

I call suffering my brother. I love him like my mother
We look out for each other, we'd die for one another
I fight, I brawl, I fiend for this
I scrape, I crawl, I bleed for this

Hearts gone, march on. Our lives are par 1
Kids learn to draw guns, before they learn to draw the sun
Emotionless, an orphanage that's full of carcasses
Where feinds score morphine, horror scenes and heartlessness

Paul-bearers carry only sons. Loved ones hang their heads
Best friends could make your bed
Turn a blind eye or catch a blind side when they drive by
Not mine they scream, not mine, then they pop 9's

Impossible, it's impossible they say
I pray to make it work but only Satan listens when I pray
I wish you well, but wishes don't come true
You could throw a brick of gold into a wishing well

I wish you well living inside of a prison cell
Cell-mates put you in checkmate and shove shanks right through your breastplate
And rest assured they won't hesitate
Until you hesitate to respirate, terrorize, suffocate

Sentimental will leave you mental
Cuz nowadays only the lives of the menace are monumental, bloody shirts
The spindle spins red thread into a web
Until the bodies pile up a mile up above your heads

And the webs are full of black widows
Who try and end you with their riddles. Try and keep you in the middle
Til your bones are dry and brittle
You battle, broken and lonesome, until they tear your body open

It could make you, it could break you
Prides roam the streets
Roaring lions seek and devour for power
They'll put you to sleep

His eyes on the sheep
He lies in the heat
No retreat
He loves to greet the fetus of the weak

His children tell them
Bring us something sweet
Bring us white bring us light-skinned bring us dark meat

Young boys with sharp ears
Train with steel spears
It's real here
Someone better kill for a meal here


Said I been talking to myself and conversating with my shadow
A weeping willow a nooses, while niggas hanging a gallows
They gazing, I'm gallivanting my mind delusions of grandeur
While gratifying it's populous, pop a pill till I'm posthumous

Pardon all the particulars passing by opportunities
Proving that you're a novice proprietor of that usury
And I fashion myself in the form of the founding fathers
That found themselves in the passenger seat and then turn to martyrs

Maniacal as a masochist, masterminding this savageness
Ravaging with a purpose, impractical it was passion
Pretend a porous the poets propose a possible policy Promising people power provides a sense of security

Currently I am lacking that bet you thought I was done
And I rape and pillage the beats to procedure till it Attila the Hun
My words are weighing a ton
So they food for the feeble minded
You find yourself in a fetal position when I am rhyming

Ahhh, give it the quickest of pace, I'm willing to pay
My nigga you never relate, and I was supplying a taste
But you couldn't wait, the flow is like right in your face
The way that I spit it will leave you disgraced
They feeling me nigga for days, I know you amazed
I murder opponents and everything that I do is the dopest

I am so focused, giving a lyrical potion
We give a if you notice, I am devoted
Feel like you already know this, giving my all with the music
Cause, when it's perception that means it is an illusion
Believing these lackadaisical lyrics, they lay solicitously
Convictions I been spitting I give them but more efficiently
In my honest opinion these people don't really listen
My penmanship is the precipest, the ink is made of excellence
Spit a spiritual verse like the words that come out of exodus
Exiting to a casket to excavate the omnipotent

The difference is that my intentions were never ignorant
The future's looking dim for the youth
And I give them truth, I'm 24 with no progression in this life that I lead
Anxieties of all my daily dilemmas delude my happiness
Direct me towards the rest of my vices, I'm feeling down again
A blunt, a bag of weed and some pac for sorrows I'm drowning in
My life vest is the pen and the pad and they keeping me afloat
I praise the holy ghost, but I know I'm going to hell
I excel at being a sinner for the simple fact that I'm insane

I saw my pastor asking is Jehovah even home today
To sanctify my soul, I'm the only one he forgot to save
I'm in a constant state of agony, fatigued mentally
A piece of wounded flesh, a bloody razor-blade and empathy
Is anyone able to see the beauty in an early death?
With a fast-rap as I backtrack to another line about society
But never lie to me, my nigga I can see it, read between the lines of all that I've ever seen
And if we ever meet, then I'ma hit the beat until it barely breaths and you have never seen

Somebody murder it all, I pray that you won't get involved
I leave'm appalled, the way that I always evolve
My nigga you thought, I said that I'm worried, I'm not
I'm giving you literal terms, but homie I'm never concerned
Whatever you earn, I pray that it helps
Just know that I'm doing this shit for myself, Lawd
My situation of destitution is temporary
Very necessary to turn the average legendary
Mr. Corleone in your home consult with consiglieres
The topic it varies depending on problems we discuss
I'm staring in the mirror at a sight that's hard to see
But there are people in this world that have it way worser than me
I'm a merciless self-pity, 'bout issues I can't control
I got a list of complaints to some people that I can blame
Ashamed that I'm not a man and the person I really am
Is someone that you couldn't stand, I take everything for granted
And this an honest depiction of myself, I'm being blatant
Realized a long time ago, it's all about your patience


I don't think I really got it
I don't think that I can get over all of my problems
I've been thinking, who the am I to disagree?
I heard I'm pretty dope so I guess I gotta oblige
Inside, I been plotting on a way that we can elevate
A massacre to chop up your skin, I never hesitate
I put a lot of time into the craft, I make it resonate
I regulate with repetition; I could be the greatest
But half of me illogical, the other half elated

Practice on the pages that I got in my attendant mind
I minimize the ignorance
So in a minute I make it relatable
Evade the negativity at all costs
Tryna find my way, I'm feelin' so lost
Finally in the zone, I gotta focus
But that can be an issue, I'm addicted to the work
It's all I ever wanna do, pursue the purpose that I'm pleading for
And need it more than pity, man
Them minuscule opinions picking apart the immaculate
Happily apathetic and actually authentic
This sentence is sentimental like the
words are just a piece of my soul, lawd!

I transcend to the artist that I wanna be
I demonstrate my dominance; a derelict with dialect
My etiquette is excellence, I dedicate my all to this
I solemnly swear that I serenade with selections
And different cadences to kill it
Really givin' that in this and
Anyone that wants the truth that we present to be identified
I live a meager life

I'm motivated by progression 'cause a
year ago nobody paid attention to the kid
And I'm persistent with the effort, document my declaration
Dedicated to the death of me,
definitely concerned that I prefer to be a purist
Not perjuring any verses
Only way to get it off of my chest, oh lawd!
If it's a problem, I solve it privately; polish 'em off
I punish with powerful poems, compose a doper creation
Case in point, I'm steadily provin' this ain't a lucid dream
I used to be infatuated, now it's just reality,

I'm managing my temperament,
my time to capitalize isn't infinite,
the wisdom I'm attaining from trial and effort is priceless
I promise I'm putting the music before my sanity
Sing you a lullaby with alliteration and empathy
The lack of recognition is starting to fuel my energy
You know you made it when you receivin' hate from an enemy
Your relevance was never an option, here's the synopsis
Said I'm knockin' out whoever you considerin' the king
I'll kick him off the throne, I want it, I'ma take it as my property
And properly prepared to go to war with any challenger

I battle in Colosseums, people cheer for me to finish it
Reminicing of the legends that left remarkable legacies
I said that I'm ahead of my time, I am
You can never understand the headspace I'm in, I
Live and I'm writing about it
Giving a lyrical ballad
Workin' on findin' a balance
Dealin' with every challenge, but
It's a struggle,

meticulously adjustin' my train of
thought to be positive; transform to a phoenix
And we just tryna give you something you remember
We the illest, nigga, don't ever forget it, lawd!


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